The Imaginary Potential of Home

A location-based Virtual Reality experience by Paula Strunden


EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam
Tuesday 12 - Sunday 24 November
From 12h - 20h

Gallery Neus Nijmegen
Sunday 7 April - Sunday 12 May 2019
Every Saturday & Sunday 
From 14h - 20h

Frame Lab Amsterdam
Wednesday 20 - Thursday 21 February 2019
From 9h - 17h

OBJECT Rotterdam
Friday 8 - Sunday 10 February 2019
From 11h – 19h

Expanded Realities Exhibition London
Open City Documentary Festival
Wendsday 5 - Sunday 9 September 2018
From 12h - 18h


‘Micro-Utopia: A Theoretical and Practical Study of Inhabiting the Virtual’
Design Ecologies, Volume 8, Number 1, 1 June 2019, pp. 32-63(32)


In response to London’s pressing housing crisis Micro-Utopia proposes a shared, immersive and interactive version of a home, where space is born from the finely-tuned sensorial interplay between the body and virtual/physical objects connected to the Internet of Things.

A chair invites us to stay with it for a moment; we crawl through a demanding fireplace; our hands are washed in a bowl of digital liquid - the highly speculative model of domesticity explores the architectural implication of co-inhabiting a minimal physical infrastructure within infinitely bespoke virtual worlds.

Drawing on radical art practice, interiors in historical painting and contemporary product design, Micro-Utopia is the dream of a house that is nothing, but the parameters of our perception are triggered through the metaphorical dimension of the objects we interact with on a daily basis.

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Voice: Bodo Neuss & Music/Sound Design: In collaboration with Kevin Pollard
The location-based VR experience was developed as part of ‘Micro-Utopia’, a Masters Thesis undertaken at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in Unit 24 tutored by Penelope Haralambidou, Michael Tite and Keiichi Matsuda. Special thanks also to Robin Wilson (Thesis Supervisor), Fabian Strunden and Evert Klinkenberg.

Articles & Interviews

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‘Mogelijke Werelden in Galerie Neus’ by Jeroen Popelier

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‘Post Digital Communication’ by Peter Maxwell

‘Galerie NEUS: een plek voor de ondernemende utopist’ by Marlies Rothoff

Micro-Utopia featured on the Architecture Player


All photographs taken by Richard Morrison, Expanded Realities Exhibition, London 2018.