Rio de Janeiro

Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is varied and laid-back. At the local botequins, crowds sway to chilled cervejas and bar snacks. Later, they make their way to a live music venue, a club or a street party.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city with a lively nightlife. The city has over 5 nightclubs. Clubs and bars tend to open late and are full of energy and fun. Many of them feature international DJs and are a great place to meet locals. Some even offer ticketed events.

São Paulo

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate the end of a long day, Sao Paulo is the city for you. With countless bars and nightclubs, Sao Paulo has something to offer everyone. From cheap corner bars serving cold beers to high-class cocktail bars, the city is brimming with options. Most bars also feature food, and some even offer live music.

New Orleans

If you’re looking for nightlife, New Orleans has a great selection of venues that will make your stay more exciting. The French Quarter is the epicenter of the city’s nightlife, but you can also check out the many other historic and legendary venues that make up the city’s nightlife.


Berlin is a party city and one of the few metropolises in the world where nightclubs never close. Whether it is Klubnacht or the Berlin Pride parade, nightclubs are open twenty-four hours a day. The 24-hour clubbing party starts on Saturday night and lasts until Monday morning. Visitors come from as far as Tokyo and Buenos Aires to take part in the festivities.

New York

For the ultimate nightlife experience, head to a city with a huge variety of night clubs and discotheques. In fact, in some cities, you can leave home on a Thursday afternoon and not return until the morning after, thanks to the city’s nightlife. If you have the energy, try drowning yourself in Club-Mate, the local energy drink, or try out one of the world’s hottest night clubs. New Yorkers don’t get much time to sleep, but if you’re looking for a big party scene, there’s no better place to go than the city. New York City’s techno nightspot Berghain is known around the world and has even been visited by Conan O’Brien, who was once photographed skipping outside the venue’s doors.

If you’re looking for an incredible nightlife scene, a city full of night parties is a good choice. New York City has seventy-five nightclubs and seventy-two bars, and despite its relatively small size, this city is packed with nightlife options. From the hottest DJs to the newest music venues, a city full of nightlife is sure to have something for everyone.

San Francisco

If you’re looking for a place to party after work, San Francisco is the place for you. The city is booming with technology workers and has nightlife spots that have been around for years. However, you shouldn’t confuse North Beach with a Broadway strip show. You’ll want to check out nightlife spots such as Columbus Avenue, upper Grant Avenue, and Green Street.