VR Installation


The Imaginary Potential of Home

A location-based Virtual Reality experience by Paula Strunden


Gallery Neus Nijmegen
Sunday 7 April - Sunday 12 May 2019
Every Saturday & Sunday 
From 14h - 20h

Frame Lab Amsterdam
Wednesday 20 - Thursday 21 February 2019
From 9h - 17h

OBJECT Rotterdam
Friday 8 - Sunday 10 February 2019
From 11h – 19h

Expanded Realities Exhibition London
Open City Documentary Festival
Wendsday 5 - Sunday 9 September 2018
From 12h - 18h

The Bartlett Summer Show
University College London
Saturday 23 June - Sunday 15 July 2018
From 14h - 18h


‘Micro-Utopia: A Theoretical and Practical Study of Inhabiting the Virtual’
Design Ecologies, Volume 8, Number 1, 1 June 2019, pp. 32-63(32)


In response to London’s pressing housing crisis Micro-Utopia proposes a shared, immersive and interactive version of a home, where space is born from the finely-tuned sensorial interplay between the body and virtual/physical objects connected to the Internet of Things.

A chair invites us to stay with it for a moment; we crawl through a demanding fireplace; our hands are washed in a bowl of digital liquid - the highly speculative model of domesticity explores the architectural implication of co-inhabiting a minimal physical infrastructure within infinitely bespoke virtual worlds.

Drawing on radical art practice, interiors in historical painting and contemporary product design, Micro-Utopia is the dream of a house that is nothing, but the parameters of our perception are triggered through the metaphorical dimension of the objects we interact with on a daily basis.

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All photographs by Richard Morrison, Expanded Realities Exhibition, London 2018.